The Best Albums of Rose Tattoo

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There are countless great albums in the world of rock music, but only a handful can truly be considered the best of the best. Rose Tattoo is one of those few bands that has released some of the greatest rock albums of all time.

There’s no denying that Rose Tattoo is one of the most influential and important bands in rock music history. They’ve been credited with helping to pioneer the Australian pub rock sound, and their albums are considered essential listening for any fan of the genre.

Rose Tattoo Iconic Legends

Rose Tattoo is an Australian rock band formed in Sydney in 1976. The band’s original lineup consisted of lead singer Angry Anderson, lead guitarist Peter Wells, bassist Geordie Leach, and drummer Dallas ‘Digger’ Royal. The band has undergone numerous lineup changes over the years, with Anderson being the only constant member.

The band’s debut album, Rose Tattoo, was released in 1978. The album was well-received by critics and was a commercial success, reaching number one on the Australian charts. The band’s follow-up album, Assault & Battery, was released in 1981 and was also a commercial success, reaching number two on the Australian charts.

Since its formation, Rose Tattoo has released nine studio albums, two live albums, and one compilation album. The band has been nominated for three ARIA Music Awards and has won one.

But what are their best albums? Here’s our ranking of the top Rose Tattoo albums, from good to best.

Rose Tattoo Concert

Number 3 — Blood Brothers, 2007

Blood Brothers was the first Rose Tattoo album, following the demise of founding members Peter Wells and Ian Rilen. With this factor in mind, it’s no surprise that this album explicitly exhibits emotions revolving around mortality and how life is simply impermanent.

Throughout the album — from ‘Black-Eyed Bruiser’ to ‘Lubricated’ — Angry Anderson delivered passion into his vocal performance, reminiscent of the prowess of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. This power, matched with the exceptional skills of the band, delivers a musical experience you’ll never forget and the perfect ode to the ones who are no longer here.

Number 2 — Scarred for Life, 1982

‘Scarred for Life’, released in 1982, is one of the best Rose Tattoo albums, specifically because of Angry Anderson’s amazing lyricist abilities. From the title track itself, where Angry howls as extremely as a screaming madman, you can see the distinct musicality of the group. Rose Tattoo consistently delivers slide guitar assaults and strong riffs that fans of the instrument will surely listen to over and over.

Some of the other tracks worth picking up are the gritty yet charming ‘Texas’, the hard-hitting ‘Revenge’, and the surprisingly wistful ‘Fighting Sons.’

Best Album— Rose Tattoo, 1978

It can be easy to focus on AC/DC when it comes to Australian rock, but from their self-titled debut, Rose Tattoo express how they are worth the attention. Just like what this group of dangerous dudes looked like, their music sounded as dangerously as them. A listen to this album will tell you one thing: a fight might break out at any time, and they are ready.

‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Outlaw’, ‘Nice Boys’, ‘One Of The Boys’ and ‘Bad Boy For Love’ are all a mix of punk and rock ‘n’ roll — both in attitude and delivery. Definitely worth the listen — especially when experienced live.

Good Place to Start

If you’re a fan of Rose Tattoo or hard rock music in general, then this ranking of the best albums by the band is a great starting point for your musical journey. Featuring some of the band’s most iconic and well-known tracks, these albums are sure to get your blood pumping and head banging. So, crank up the volume and enjoy!

The track that says it all

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