Double J Nominate Midnight Oil for Artist of The Year

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Midnight Oil have defined Aussie Rock for 50 years with their dynamite performances and music that speaks to social issues far ahead of their time. From their shows on Goat Island in 1985, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, to the finality of their latest tour which marks the end of their illustrious live career, Peter Garrett and his band of social revolutionaries have lit the touchpaper on many an issue.

As the lead singer stated, “It had to come to a conclusion at some point in time. And I think we have that timing right”. Performing their last show at the Hordern Pavilion which featured Garrett having to break up a fight in the audience harking back to their raucous baptism of fire in the Aussie Pub Rock scene, the curtain finally came down on a career that will be sorely missed.

Midnight Oil 1985

Midnight Oil Paint A Picture with Resist

That legacy of work has now been rewarded by national radio station Double J who have nominated the iconic band for artist of the year. You would think that after half a century that The Oils maybe would run out of material and would simply dial it in. That is seriously not the case as they unleashed their full ferocity of sentiment on the destruction of the environment and a social agenda that cannot be ignored.

Their storytelling is as strong as ever. Direct, passionate and confronting, Resist remains true to their core values giving their audiences food for thought. 12 songs that appropriately end with the Final Frontier, the album has proved to be enormously successful for their record label Sony. It is therefore appropriate that a band that has stood the test of time is celebrated by Double J which is aimed at older audiences.

Nominated for the Present Not The Past

Now nominated by a station that is the caring parent of Triple J where The Oils were originally feted as the ground-breaking artists back in the day, it is fitting that they have once again delivered on every single level. To hear them is to be touched by a conscience that we should all be part of. They are the touchstone that we carry deep within our Australian hearts today.

No longer will we see the front man perform as though he has been struck by a bolt of lightning. The undeniable brilliance of Midnight Oil will be mourned as it passes into the stuff of legend. So therefore, let’s hope they will take out the top gong. Not for sentimentality’s sake but because Resist represents some of their finest work ever.

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