Here Comes Everybody: Rewarding the Sounds of Spacey Jane

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Spacey Jane have been the band which turned their lock down-fuelled anxiety into anthemic indie-rock which inspired a nation and propelled them into the public eye. The Australian four-piece outfit leads the chilled-out Gen-Zers with good vibes and hard-hitting lyrics. 

With a mission to make some noise and strike at the heartstrings of Perth’s isolated music scene, Spacey Jane’s Caleb Harper (lead vocals, guitar, songwriting), Kieran Lama (drummer and manager), Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu (guitar) and Peppa Lane (bass guitar) formed together in 2016. They took the City of Light by surprise the following year with their first EP release, No Way to Treat an Animal.

Marrying the swirling sounds of shoegaze with the catchy hooks of indie-pop, Spacey Jane uses a head-bopping, fun, upbeat backdrop to write about the burdens of youth. Touching on topics such as anxiety, mental health, and the daily struggles of being a young adulthood, the band’s goal is to create music that will resonate with people who are going through tough times.

Spacey Jane Lit Up The Stage with Their Debut Album Sunlight

2020 saw them break out of the Covid darkness with their debut album Sunlight. For many of us, it was the ideal tonic as we endured some of the most draconian lock downs the world had to endure. Released in June , Sunlight, was the perfect collection to belt out at the height of the pandemic. With its catchy melodies and upbeat rhythms, the album was a foot tapping experience that lifted your spirits.

It was a raucous and fun-filled journey that audiences loved. From the driving opener Good For You to the the addictive Head Cold, the Aria gold-certified album is packed with snappy hooks and infectious energy. Vocalist Caleb Harper delivered his raw and passionate lyrics from behind the mic, and the rest of the band provided plenty of crunchy guitar riffs and driving rhythms.

Spacey Jane’s follow up Here Comes Everybody

The last 6 years have been a time of significant change and upheaval, both globally and personally for the group. For many of us, it feels like the world is constantly shifting beneath our feet, and that can be a very disorienting and destabilising experience. But out of that chaos can come great creativity and growth, as we learn to adapt and evolve in the face of adversity.

That’s certainly been the case for Spacey Jam’s Here Comes Everybody. A deeply introspective and reflective album that explored the complex emotions and experiences of our current moment. The band has said that they wanted the album to feel like a conversation, and that’s precisely what it does. 

Through the album, Spacey Jane invited their fans to share in their vulnerability, their confusion, their hope, and their determination to find their way through these strange and uncertain times. For that intimate journey they have been rewardarded with a nomination for Triple J’s album of the year. After starting the year with three entries in the Triple J Hottest 100, “Here Comes Everybody” debuted at No. 1 on the ARIA chart in June and resulted in a sold-out Australian tour in August ensued.

Spacey Jane’s Global Quest

Having accumulated over 200 million streams, they have since made North America a high profile ambition. After playing a sold-out show in New York recently, vocalist Caleb Harper said, “It’s our first time touring out here, which is really cool. I spent a lot of time… writing with people and hanging out. But to actually be playing, it’s pretty surreal. It was crazy to get up on stage in Toronto and feel like we’re finally doing it. It has been a dream for a long time. We’re really happy.”

It was not always this way. Mega tours abroad only happened after they put in the hard work at Freemantle’s live venues. The West Australian music scene was an isolated creche for Spacey Jane in their early years as they became gig ready to take on the world. “Perth affords you the opportunity to be shit and get good”, says drummer Kieran Lama.

“We had the chance to cut our teeth for a few years before we could even afford to play shows over East,” says guitarist Hardman-Le Cornu . “So by the time we did that, we were really ready.” That experience has certainly paid off as the group have received rave reviews from London to New York.

Who Would Bet Against Them?

With a field that includes Flume, Gang Of Youths, King Stingray and Sampa The Great, the pathway to getting top billing will not be easy. Especially since Flume has been just about the single most dominant force in Australian music in the last six months. But Spacey Jane are nothing short of heroic in terms of everything they have achieved in the last six months. If Here Comes Everybody hits the high notes at the awards, it will be a just reward for the band from one of the most isolated places on the Australian continent.

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