INXS: Vance Joy Keeping The Legacy Alive

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INXS is one of the most iconic Australian bands of all time. They’ve been entertaining fans for decades with their catchy songs and high-energy live performances. Now their legacy is being sustained by artists who are applying a whole new aspect to their back catalogue.

Getting significant press this year because of the 25 year anniversary of Michael Hutchence’s sad demise, Vance Joy thought it time to celebrate their work. The Australian singer who has been cutting a swathe on the international stage gave a tender rendition of Don’t Change on Triple J’s Like A Version. It’s the third time Joy has taken on triple j’s Like A Version, covering Adele‘s ‘Rolling In The Deep’ in 2013 and Radiohead‘s ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ in 2015.

INXS themselves have been kept in the public eye through various projects that pay homage to their music and the unforgettable front man. 2022 has been one of those years for the band to celebrate as well as mourn and with people like Vance in their corner, our love for them will stand the test of time.

INXS: Building On Their Legacy

Shows like Rock Star: INXS, the release of Original Sin (a re-recording of their songs featuring guest singers), and several compilation albums and reissues, have kept them relevant. In 2014, they were depicted in a popular Australian television mini-series, Never Tear Us Apart.

In 2020 they remastered their live concert 1991 Live Baby Live. A highlight in a career of triumphant milestones, INXS’s thundering performance at London’s Wembley Stadium was faithfully restored from the original 35mm film. Presented in glorious 4K Ultra High Definition widescreen at over 20 times the resolution of the original release, you really felt like you were there with in the crowd of 73,791 adoring fans on that hot July evening.

Live Baby Live nearly didn’t happen

The decision to film the Wembley Stadium performance by INXS came only a few days before the event. The band’s manager Chris Murphy personally chased the cash to set up the recording. Director Mallett, who had worked with Queen, David Bowie and AC/DC agreed to shoot the film in 35mm with 16 cameras and a helicopter. A huge gamble at the time.

Despite the challenges of playing such a large venue, it was worth it for the historic value of the performance. Live Baby Live showed what an amazing live band INXS were, regardless of the venue size. They were still playing great shows in smaller venues like Irving Plaza in New York City a few months before Hutchence’s death. The Wembley concert was a culmination of the band’s years of experience playing in pubs in Australia since they formed in 1977.

A Year of Milestones

Reissuing their breakthrough third album ‘Shabooh Shoobah’ from 1982 in October with a deluxe digital box set and 15 songs available on streaming platforms for the first time, Tim Farris reflected on the passing of the charismatic singer. “We miss him terribly and you often wonder what we’d be doing if he was still here, but he’s not so there’s not much point in dwelling on that,” he said. “I often do wonder, especially when it comes to making music. I can’t help but wonder where we’d be at.”

LiSTNR also launched the podcast Behind the Hits – Michael Hutchence. The series written by Cameron Adams provides listeners with an insight for the first time into the private pact that bonded INXS together, and their master plan that shook the rock world to its core. INXS band members, Andrew Farriss, Kirk Pengilly and Jon Farriss, talk openly about the impact of Hutchence’s passing and INXS’s influence in the quarter of a century since his death.

Calling All Nations

The call is out from the group for their fans to participate in a new book due for release in 2023. It will tell the story of the band in the words of the people that love them the most. As they posted on their Facebook page:

We want to hear your memories!

  • Tell us about your first, your favourite, or a particularly memorable INXS gig.
  • What’s your favorite song and why?
  • What big event in your life is inextricably linked to INXS’s music in some way?

No doubt the floodgates will open and the content they receive will be enormous. Their legacy will forever endure and with Vance Joy adding his weight to their memory, who will bet against them reaching that half century.

If you only heard about from your parents, now is the time to catch up…

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