Kimbra Releases Her New Single ‘Save Me’ From Her Upcoming Album

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It’s been four years since we have heard an album from the mighty Kimbra, but this week sees her drop a teasing single from that impending body of work titled ‘Save Me’. We don’t know if that is prophetic in any sense of the word, as her fans have been eagerly waiting for new material since her last single in 2019.

Coming to the attention of global audiences in 2013, Kimbra and Gotye won the Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Show for ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’. The Kiwi songwriter then used that acclaim to make some of the most brilliant and playful fusions of Jazzy R&B, Pop, and Dance.

Her three albums to date have been nothing short of astounding’ and if ‘Save Me’ is anything to go by, then ‘A Reckoning’ due for release in 2023 by Warner Bros, will be the fix her fans have been waiting for. According to a press release, ‘Save Me’ was inspired by “a singular moment”, with its lyrics following the singer as she “searches her insecurities with hopes that someone will save her from herself”.

A serious attempt to make her audiences connect with her on an emotional level, ‘Save Me’ is supported by a video directed by Yvan Fabing. Blending CGI with Kimbra embedded into the raw vistas of Iceland, it is a powerful reminder of art in motion. A deeply evocative song that paints an exacting picture on the soul, Kimbra is clearly connecting with herself as she herself laments:

“Go on and save me / I’m sinking into my feelings / And I’m scared they’re gonna drown my confidence. Go on and save me / I might look capable but I’m not / These days you’re all that I’ve got.”

Serious art makes you think. It is not disposable or transitory. It stays with you and triggers emotions far beyond a dip into the short-lived emotions of instant gratification. Kimbra creates intelligent music that makes you reach beyond the moment to discover world of authenticity where only the gifted may live. There is A Reckoning coming and Save Me is just the beginning…

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