Memphis LK Releases New EP Too Much Fun

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For two years Melbourne based producer Memphis LK has been building an outstanding reputation for merging underground dance grooves with the more palatable commercial market. It all started with her debut EP in 2021 titled 1 and her migration from the bedroom to global audiences.


An EP of extraordinary colours, Memphis hit the ground running with her 2021 release that announced her arrival from the studio to the main stage.  Dropping a whole host of tracks which featured dreamy vocals over a myriad of conjured beats, the EP is no amateur affair for a walk up starter. A collection that explored a bit of two step, straight out pop and deep glorious House, the elements came together to make a statement that could not be ignored.

The track that nailed it however was undoubtedly the remix by Lee Walker. Showing his British influence of its inner-city northern regions, Letters In Concrete was streamed over 500K times on Spotify alone. The combination of staccato beats and a fat bassline gave Memphis the perfect vehicle to put her voice in front of a whole new audience. And it paid off in a magnificent way.


Last year was punctuated by two further releases. Solo efforts titled Whip and Coffee, plus a remix of UMI’s track Wish That I Could left an indelible mark on audiences and pointed to a career in the main game. Whip kept the pace with that original two step groove while Coffee and Wish That I Could showed more of an affinity with a commercial rounded out sound. The remix with UMI in particular provided her with an equal measure of success as that too has been streamed nearly 400K times.

Too Much Fun

Now in 2023 Memphis has just dropped her EP Too Much Fun. Including three previous singles in the release, it is her new tracks, the title song and Where Angels Go To Die that grab all the deserved attention. Once again combining two step rhythms with some well rounded bass, Too Much Fun is a journey into broad landscapes and intoxicating grooves.

The final crescendo of Where Angels Go To Die gets our money though. An epic heartfelt lament, you could easily see someone like David Guetta or Kaskade pick this up and make it eternal. Don’t believe us? Check it out and make your own rules and discover a world where too much fun is never enough.

While we wait for the video of Where Angels Go To Die to be released, you will have to be content with the visuals of Too Much Fun.

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