Peking Duk ‘Spend It’ wisely with Indie Pop Rockers Circa Waves

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Let’s spread the special sauce that we all know and love with two of Australia’s favourite DJ Producers Peking Duk. The best thing to come out of Canberra apart from the Federal Highway, Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles have been chaffing at the bit to release their latest track.  

Coming back after a smidge of a release hiatus, the duo has released another premium track of iconic brilliance. Peking Duk have shrugged off the cloak of the pandemic and are back in full effect. 

What have Peking Duk been Up To? 

Famous for their infectious banter, they recently reminisced about their humble beginnings DJing at a Canberra cocktail bar to playing Coachella five years later. Those memories have coincided with their latest venture aptly named Peking Duk Podcast on Southern Cross Austereo’s (SCA) LiSTNR app. 

Performing at Groovin the Moo festivals, Peking Duk led the dance in the only way they know how and when they returned to Australia’s capital of roundabouts, their career came full circle in a blaze of unmitigated glory. This year has seen them blast through a rather dull world with stellar performances in New York and across the Australian nation.  

Reuben has also been releasing music as an alternate alias You’re Only Great Always (Y.O.G.A.). An outlet that has given the chance to explore a more laidback vibe that sits apart from the Duk’s dance oriented tracks. A bit of lo-fi country meets electronica he dubs it Cow Tech. 

Who are Circa Waves?

Circa Waves are an English indie rock band formed in Liverpool in 2013. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Kieran Shudall, guitarist Joe Falconer, bassist Sam Rourke, and drummer Colin Jones. better known for their singles, “Young Chasers” and “Stuck In My Teeth”. They have released four albums so far and just announced their fifth album ‘Never Going Under’. 

Speaking about the upcoming album frontman Kieran Shudall said, “Never Going Under’ speaks to that uniquely modern phenomenon of genuinely not knowing what type of world our kids are going to find themselves in in 30 years. Physically, environmentally, politically we are completely in the unknown.” 

‘Never Going Under’ will include last month’s surprise single ‘Hell On Earth’, which also appeared on a four-song EP of the same name. Showing a growing maturity towards environmental issues and the legacy we are leaving for future generations; the album turns the page on the indie rockers.

Spend It 

In a recent interview Peking Duk stated, “We’ve been going on lots of writing trips to Stockholm and over the years made a bunch of mates along the way. Our Swedish mate Johann recently sent over a sick idea that sounded a lil bit like Miike Snow and reminded us of all the beautiful Swedish meatballs and great times we’ve had over there. Immediately we were pumped and got in the studio to start workshopping it. We absolutely froth Circa Waves and couldn’t be more excited to share this song with the world. ‘Spend It’ is an ode to the longing for wanting to be around someone so much that you wish time stopped when you were with them so it could last forever.” 

As the New Year and silly season approaches you can bet your bottom dollar that Peking Duk will be arriving at a festival near you soon. Check out their latest track and find something to believe in.  

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