The Magic of Flume: Why the World Fell in Love With Him

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Flume’s first EP, Sleepless, hit the shelves in 2011 after Australian record company, Future Classic, spotted his talent. Since then, the oddly-named artist has been on a tear, crisscrossing both his home country and selling thousands of records overseas. The star’s background, though, is a bit of a mystery.

Where is Flume From?

Many people want to know the answer to a simple question: where is Flume from? The answer is Sydney, Australia. Born in November 1991, the now 30-year-old makes a living from his electric, electronic, future bass, experimental, hip-hop-style sounds.

Flume Songs Pushed Music’s Boundaries

Right from the start, Flume avoided falling into the trap of producing generic, mass-market music. It was clear that he wanted to take his sound in a different direction, regardless of the risks involved.

The result was a mixture of experimental tracks across his first three albums that enraptured fans. Sleepless and the self-titled Flume, are both widely considered to be seminal contributions to the future bass movement, a fusion of electronic dance with dubstep.

Recently, Palaces, evolved his earlier work even further. The 13-track album features collaborations with with Oklou, May-a, Quiet Bison, Kučka, Laurel, Virgen María, Emma Louise, Caroline Polachek and Damon Albarn. 

Thanks to his work, Flume is now a Grammy Award-winning artist. He’s been a festival headliner and has millions of fans across the world.

Flume Takes You On A Journey

Flume believes that albums should tell stories. And for this reason, he isn’t afraid of mixing things up, sequencing his music so that a narrative emerges.

This approach makes him distinctly different from many studio artists. While their albums are often repetitive and lack contrast, Flume gives fans something new across all his tracks. Palaces, his most recent album, keeps his classic mixtape style with various movements that make it more engaging.

Flume Is Just Having Fun

While Flume undoubtedly faces a variety of business pressures, nobody can claim that he’s out there just to make money. There’s nothing corporate about what he is producing. In fact, he seems like an artist who is in it purely for fun.

Hi This Is Flume, for instance, set the music world alight when it first hit the charts in 2019. Listeners loved how Flume was continuing to push boundaries and do things that left listeners feeling dazed and confused. Many listeners felt compelled to rewind at times to double-check whether what they had just listened to really happened.

Flume Loves Artistry

Lastly, fans love Flume because of his ability to combine artistry with his music. There’s something fundamentally psychedelic about work that you simply don’t see from other artists. Because of this, linking up with Jonathan Zawada, a multidisciplinary creative from New South Wales, was a stroke of genius.

Flume and Jonathan Zawada by Trevor King.

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