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Bumpy is a name that you may not have heard of yet, but you sure will as January blends into February. A woman based out of Naarm/Melbourne, there is much to love about the work she has put out so far. With 2023 about to get into full swing, she is promising to bring so much more.

Let’s get the unimportant stuff out the way first. Why Bumpy? It has nothing to do with her journey towards becoming a much beloved vocalist. It is a reference to her childhood tendency of bumping into random objects. Spatial awareness aside, that ability to encapsulate the raw emotions of the world around her is exceptional. She offers a stirring passionate voice that draws audiences in on every level.

Returning Home

2022 was the year she really kicked things off as she sang her future into reality. Beautifully pared back and bare to the bones, her music is touched by elements of jazz, Motown, Delta Blues and Soul. She is all things through her music. Simple and at the same time, complex and intimate. The tapestry she creates tells tales complete with loss, joy and honest truths that connect her listeners. Each single has built on the last with the smokiness of her vocals standing out from the pack.

Hide & Seek

Her last single Hide & Seek is a case in point. There are so many sides to the track, it is a show all of its own. From laidback to up-tempo vibes, it all sits in the majesty of a single composition. As Bumpy said in a recent press release, ““From playing it solo, duo, trio to full band, it has been a really enjoyable time arranging it to be recorded, trying to reflect more of the live band’s sound.”

Explaining its themes, she added that “It follows the playfulness of desire and the feelings of getting caught up in temptation.” That playfulness stretches out to the final crescendo of the song and is a joy to listen to.  Now audiences can see if Bumpy is the real deal with her new EP ‘Morning Sun’ due out on January 27 on Astral People Recordings.

Showing just how versatile an artist she is, Bumpy self-produced the release and there is no doubt that the EP will build on her performances at Strawberry Fields, Boogie Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival and VIVID Festival at the Sydney Opera House forecourt. If you didn’t have the chance to see her there, check out her latest single her, and if you cannot find the beauty in Bumpy’s work than you truly have no soul.

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