Top Tip for 2023: Chanel Loren

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Neo-Soul, R&B and silky smooth songs are not normally the domain of the Australian music scene but one woman bucking that trend is Chanel Loren. When you consider that her background ins British Caribbean before relocating to Australia at the age of 17, it is hardly surprising that her music has that fluid melting pot of music that is undeniably intoxicating.


2022 was certainly her year as she released her debut track Playlist to wild acclaim. That heritage that she brough from the Carribean islands and South East London have been a permanent feature in her musical journey and the sublimely evocative Playlist with an understated dancehall bass and fluttering keys marked the start of something special,

Four Singles Down

As the year wore on she released four more tracks titled Disappear, Some Other Time, Rollin and her latest liquid dripping song F4U. Her voice and lyrical flow are more than exceptional. Her talent is beyond what is usually delivered in the Australian scene and more than refreshing when you listen to her lyrics.

Relatable and written by virtue of real-world experiences, she stated in a recent interview, “I wrote F4U in reflection of a relationship where I ignored all of the red flags. I told myself the next time I get into a relationship, I’m not falling on my face anymore, that person has to catch me.” That story is for our benefit as the single is a pure slice of heaven.

Listening to Chanel is like listening to the clouds unfurl allowing the sunshine to break through bathing the audience in a soul nurturing embrace. With a legacy that is already making people turn their attention towards her sound, radio stations and streaming services will soon be grabbing her for their playlists.

Do yourself a favour and check her out. Britain’s loss is our gain. Chanel Loren will break all the records.

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