Top Tips for 2023: Beckah Amani

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The latest on our spotlight series of artists ready to take the next step is the angelic singer songwriter Beckah Amani. Don’t be fooled by the sweetness of her tones, she ventures in to her own truths as she tells her story in her debut EP.

Born in Tanzania and raised by deeply religious Burundian parents, she is one of five kids that were always embraced by the sound of music. Church life consumed their experiences and that tradition was amplified as they moved to Australia when Beckah was eight. The challenge of growing up in a West Australian town as an African who stood out in her community, gave her the strength to express herself through song.


That journey through racism, the Black Lives Matters movement and the entrenched misogyny that can raise its head more frequently in small towns, resulted in the album April. A glorious collection of tracks that feature Kenyan rhythms and harmonies as well Western grooves, this was Beckah in fine form. Soulful, smooth and a commentary on the trials of tribulations of a woman finding her way, her lyrics and voice are a breath of fresh air. Laid back with just a touch of R&B there is so much to love about Beckah.

Most people rave about In The Hills, but the track with the most bite is STANDARDS. A song that focuses on how people have to compromise and understate their heritage to be accepted, it poses a brilliant question. “What do you want me to do? What do you want me to say?”  If you ask us, the answer to that, is just keep doing you.

Waiting On You

Her latest single Waiting On You was also lifted from that album and we can pay her no greater compliment than to compare her to Erykah Badu. So simple but immensely complex at the same time, Beckah is bringing so much soul to the game, it is hard to see her remaining in the background rather than star on the biggest of stages.

We hope there is so much more to come from Beckah in 2023. She brings so much freshness to an industry looking for artists who really make a difference to the Australian music scene. The latest in a long line of African Australian women like Sampa The Great who are instantly recognisable and immensely talented. Bring on the New Year and recognise. One to watch and one to admire.

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