Top Tips for 2023: Elsy Wameyo

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All years are big ones for music and in 2023, we look forward to artists who will be breaking new ground in the Australian scene. These are artists that may not be household names yet, but when you look at what they have done last year, it will only be a short journey to the ears of audiences everywhere. This is why we have turned our attention to Elsy Wameyo who broke through in ‘22 and will cement her reputation as an artist on the right track in 2023.

Kenyan born and now living down under, Elsy is an incredible artist, mostly working in Hip Hop but capable of working in any genre. Hiding herself away in the studio during the pandemic was time well spent as 2022 bore some glorious fruit. With a six track EP titled Nilotic already under her belt and a single from that collection titled River Nile, she has certainly been in hot demand by festivals such as Vivid Sydney, Dark Mofo and Splendour in the Grass.

Her work is a mixture of Rap, Trap, R&B and effervescent Soul that pays homage to her Nilot birth right as well as her new home. Based out of Adelaide since she was six years old, her father was instrumental in firing her career as he took her to her first festival. From that moment on music has been at the forefront of her mind. A deeply spiritual woman, her work stretched boundaries and is free from more westernised musical expectations.

As she said in a recent interview, “A lot of [the EP] wasn’t something I did with my physical self. I think a lot of my work comes from pre-meditation, pre-prayer, pre-crying.” That devout process brings a level of creativity that is simply inspirational, and in a world of increasing banality, Elsy is something to behold.

To generate this much heat, there needs to be something special at the watering hole and Elsy Wameyo is one of those strong African women who are driving the Australian music scene towards a bigger and brighter future. Discover what that future looks like and embrace the change!

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