Top Tip for 2023: Mulalo

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You may have heard of Mulalo due to her stand out track Tracy Grimshaw, but if you haven’t and you thought that the song was some kind of novelty hit, think again. Another strong candidate for out Top Tips for 2023, Mulalo has been rocking the boat and then some.

Born in South Africa and moving to Australia when she was one, the Melbourne based rapper has had something to say about the world she lives in. Confident, brash and forthright, she is unafraid to fire off the whole clip when dropping her truths. Sometimes referred to as Australia’s Nicki Minaj, her lyrical flow is as tight as any around.

She fired up her groove back in 2020 with her debut track Check, but it was M31 (Racing Down the Hume), that got the attention of everyone. Once again showcasing her extraordinary skills behind the microphone, she laid it down thick and rapid to the people of Melbourne and Sydney by referencing the lifeline that connects the two state capitals, she brought something that to this point had been missing from the Hip Hop game.

Accompanied by a music video shot during Melbourne’s lockdown, the track established Mulalo’s reputation and put her on the radar. Speeding down the fast lane with her rhymes nudging the speedo higher, she then entered 2022 and ripped audiences a new one.

Tracy Grimshaw

Never missing an opportunity to reference Australian Icons, Mulalo dropped the single in 2022 and showcased why she is different from the rest. Talking herself up while talking the haters and doubters down, it may not resonate with everyone but there is no denying her skills. She celebrated Julia Gillard’s 2012 Parliamentary Misogyny Speech with the lyrics, “Like Julia, I’ll make a fool of ya”, plus name checked Cathy Freeman, Danni Minogue and so many more. Strong woman are her grounding and her support mechanism, as well as her colour which binds her to the future.

As she herself proclaims, “White Australia has a black history, and a black future”. That is a mantra that we can all understand, and with issues like the indigenous voice to parliament on the agenda, something that no one should ever forget.


As 2022 wound up, Mulalo delivered a massive club anthem titled Bad Bitches Love. Produced by Swindail and Kwame, she once again displayed her versatility behind the mic with blistering rhymes. Thundering and stripped back, this is some of the best female rap ever heard in this country. You can really see the dance floor chanting this back to the DJ as they drop this on the decks.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t believe the establishment haters (who does anyway?), Mulalo is the real deal, and if she continues this path, can crack the golden egg in the USA. Having already supported the likes of Cakes Da Killa, Triple One, Jesswar and Nerve, Mulalo has proven that her next move will be the best move.

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