Unique Ways Musicians Use VR to Take their Craft to the Next Level

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There are few things more magical than music. It has the power to transport us to other worlds, to make us feel emotions we never thought possible, and to bring us together in ways that nothing else can.

While not a lot of people at the moment relate technology, artificial intelligence, or machine learning with music, there are some key qualities these polar opposites share: both fields are constantly evolving and growing, and both have the power to change our lives in profound ways.

As technology advances, so does the way we experience music. Virtual reality is the latest frontier for musicians, who will use it to create immersive and interactive experiences for their fans. With VR, musicians can transport their fans to other worlds, create interactive experiences, and even allow them to play along with their favourite songs. 

Here are some of the ways that musicians are using VR to elevate their performances:

1. Create Immersive Experiences

The visual landscape is already changing. For example, Gorillaz recently released a 360-degree music video for their song “Saturnz Barz (Spirit House),” which allows viewers to explore a haunted house with the band members.

Other iconic artists creating VR videos to push their impact includes the remix of His The Hills featuring Eminem, The Weekend, as well as “Falling to Pieces” by Marshmello X Crankdat.

2. Virtual Concerts

Virtual concerts are becoming increasingly popular as a way for musicians to connect with their fans. By using VR technology, musicians can transport their fans to a virtual version of their concert and give them an immersive experience that is unlike any other.

One of the first virtual concerts was hosted by Oculus, which partnered with Billie Eilish to give fans a 360-degree view of her performance. This was a groundbreaking event that showed the potential of VR for concerts.

Since then, other artists have followed suit and begun using VR to host their own virtual concerts. Fortnite, for example, has partnered with Travis Scott to host a virtual concert series inside the game. This has been an incredibly popular event, with millions of people attending the concerts.


3. Use AR to Add Exciting Elements to Live Shows

While VR can transport audiences to new and exciting virtual worlds, AR can be used to enhance the reality of a live performance. By overlaying digital elements on top of the real world, AR can give audiences an entirely new perspective on a live show.

For example, imagine watching your favourite band perform on stage, with digital rain falling all around them. Or, what if you could see the lyrics to the song being performed projected in front of you, so you could sing along? With that, AR can make live performances even more immersive and inspiring for audiences.

4. Put a Twist on Recording Using Virtual Instruments

Virtual instruments are a great way to add a new dimension to music recordings. By using a virtual instrument, artists can record their performances in a completely new environment, adding a unique twist to their music.

There are several different virtual instruments available, each with its own sound and synthesised versions. By experimenting with virtual instruments, musicians can layer textures to their tracks and have more sounds to experiment with.

The Bottom Line: Musicians Bring a Unique Sense of Reality to the World of VR

Musicians have always been at the forefront of new technology. From the early days of synthesizers and samplers to the current world of virtual reality, they have always been quick to adopt and experiment with new ways of making music.

As VR technology continues to evolve, we’ll likely see even more innovative and creative uses for VR from musicians. They are, after all, some of the most imaginative and forward-thinking people on the planet. So if you’re a fan of music, be sure to keep an eye on the VR world, as it’s sure to be full of surprises from your favourite musicians.

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