WILSN Drops New Single Hurt So Bad with Josh Teskey

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There is nothing finer than hearing the voice of Melbourne singer songwriter WILSN in full flight. Dropping her new single Hurt So Bad with the imperious vocals of Josh Teskey, the song is an indelible reminder that WILSN is a performer at the top of her game. 

There is so much to love about her voice, luxuriating and warm it crosses territories previously occupied by Jazz Greats Billie Holiday, Etta James, and Ella Fitzgerald. You can even hear whispers of the late Amy Winehouse as she explores every ounce of raw emotion from her vocal performances.  

Studying at the Victorian College of arts, she immersed herself in studying the immortals of the industry and began penning her own tracks of soul infused music. After moving to the states and spending two years working with Grammy Award winning writers to hone her craft, WILSN was then asked to join the Teskey brothers on their 2019 UK/Europe tour; playing to sold out crowds across the continent. 

Moving back home to Melbourne at the start of 2020, she began recording anew with producer Stephen Charles resulting in some staggering output. Racking up over a million streams is no mean feat and grabbing Josh Teskey to work on the track is an inspired collaboration. 

The Teskey Brothers Shock Announcement

Josh is one of two brothers who formed the celebrated Blues Rockers from Melbourne. Award winning and internationally recognised, they have been releasing quality music since 2016. However hot off the press and an announcement sure to shock fans, two of the group’s members have farewelled the band this week.  

Brendon Love (bass guitar) and Liam Gough (drums) have drawn the curtain on their musical relationship with the brothers. They dropped the shock news on Instagram stating, “It has been an honour to work with these guys over the years. As rhythm section they have been the backbone of the band, holding down a tight groove and helping to shape our sound. We want to sincerely thank them for their commitment through all of this crazy rollercoaster ride.” 

Their last performance together will be this weekend in Melbourne. 

Hurt So Bad and The New Album 

The release of Hurt So Bad coincides with the announcement that WILSN will be releasing her debut album on February 3rd 2023, titled Those Days Are Over. Although asking herself at the time, “Do I want to be Pop or Soul?”, there is no doubt she has the chops and credibility to be both. Painting a picture of a young woman who is being betrayed by the treatment of her lover, the song tugs at the emotional strings as the two artists swirl around each other in a soulful embrace.  

With the album promising to be a fusion of modern soul, pop, jazz, and Motown, together with production that is simultaneously nostalgic and contemporary, Those Days Are Over promises to be the kind of album that will propel WILSN on to the world stage. 

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